Everybody Should Have a Tamarisk To Go!, Hey, guys! I’d like a moment of your attention,...

Hey, guys! I’d like a moment of your attention, please! I don’t know if all of you know, then, I’m saying it: I do a fashion design course. And I really love it!!! Plus, I love to draw!

Well, I’m going to travel today. And I did the paintings on my shirts, as you can see.

The thing is: if you (yes, you, who decided to read it) want a shirt like mine, I’ll do it for you! Let’s consider it as a… hm… kind of job. Then, I’m going to give it for U$ 25. Of course, every country has your own money. Relax! I’ll do the conversion if it’s necessary! So if you want it, contact me here! :D

Hope you liked it! *-*

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